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Understand this. When you have home loan arrears

Understand this. When you have home loan arrears

Challenging a water services bill

If you believe your bill is wrong, you really need to contact your water business and explain why you would imagine it is wrong. You need to be capable of finding their contact information on your bill.

You can complain about your water company if you’re not happy with your water company’s response.

If you were to think you’re perhaps not responsible for a water services bill, or if perhaps your bill is just too high, check:

  • You used to live when you moved into and out of the property, if the bill is for somewhere
  • if as soon as you told your water business you’re going, in the event that bill is for somewhere you used to reside
  • For any leaks, inside your property or outside, if a water is had by you meter

If you have been contacted about a advantage or income tax credit overpayment

It’s likely you have been told you’ve been overpaid because of an error, or because some given details about you ended up being incorrect once the benefit decision ended up being made.