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These phones work nicely for tiny businesses that want collaboration.

These phones work nicely for tiny businesses that want collaboration.

The three-party conferencing and intercom system enable multiple individuals to communicate quickly and effortlessly. Smaller businesses that want customers to talk to numerous divisions in a conversation reap the benefits of this system.

Advantages: Common Challenges:
  • Thirty two-number rate dials and sixteen intercoms.
  • Three party conferencing and speakerphone.
  • Facilitates as much as sixteen work channels.
  • 9V battery pack back-up on all four lines.
  • Item does not work with a line that is digital.
  • DSL members could need to make use of DSL splitter or filter.
  • Screen put up and navigation aren’t intuitive.
  • Phone quality varies.

RCA ViSys 25424RE1 Expandable that is 4-Line System with Call Waiting/Caller ID/Intercom

These multi-line phones fit the greatest within an workplace environment where everybody has their work that is own section. The cable function is convenient for folks who invest a majority of their at a desk day. Small enterprises with straight back office functions benefit many from all of these phones.

Advantages: Common Challenges:
  • Facilitates as much as sixteen base channels.
  • Three-party call conferencing and conference recording that is two-way.
  • Intercom system allows calls with other extensions.
  • Corded phones and so the phone telephone phone calls aren’t mobile.
  • Phones often must be reprogrammed.
  • Problems with equipment in the long run.
  • Loud beep every ten moments an individual is positioned on hold.


Just how much do multi-line phones expense?

According to the phone together with device features, 2-line phones frequently cost $50–$200, while 4-line phones frequently cost $100–$400.